The definition of trends in the age structure of employees of working age.

T. A. Kovalchuk, L. A. Ishchenko


Against the background of demographic processes of population aging in Ukraine today, as in the whole world, there is the process of change in the age structure of the working age population. The relative number of people older than working-age is increasing. Our research aimed at the analysis of the contingents of employees undergoing professional selection and  determination of the trends in quantitative and age structure of working-aged people. The materials on the analysis of the massifs of groups of workers undergoing professional selection in the Regional Center of Psychophysiological Examination in the State Institution "Ukrainian Research Institute of Industrial Medicine" are presented. The number of analyzed contingents was 19 486 persons. The study covered the five-year period of 2012-2016. The ageing index for working-aged workers was determined. The conclusions about changes in the quantitative and age structure of the working-aged population were made.  The proportion of older people among productive population of Ukraineis increasing, that is caused by  demographic changes, socio-economic crisis and the outflow of personnel. This indicates to the necessity of improving preventive measures, considering the potential of older people, in order to maintain their professional health.


working age; age structure of employees; ageing index


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