Evolution of the health-related activity of the trade unions of Galicia in the early-XIX XX centuries





medicine, trade union, society, physicians, protection


Based on the prin­ciple of historicism, systematic analysis, scientific and objective approach, the article analyzes the evolution and shows the activities of the Galician trade unions in health-related activity. The current state and development of historiography of the issue is shown, the history of the medical and trade union movement is studied, it is proved that common problems for all segments of the population became the main event among the trade unions of the early-XIX XX centuries. These issues provide significant material for the scientific study of other key issues of the complex history of Galicia in the Austro-Hungarian period, in particular: the organization of health care, medical education, governance, economic and social development, the rise of the Ukrainian national movement and the like. In the conditions of building democratic institutions of independent Ukraine, the analysis and accumulation of historical experience have not only scientific, but also cognitive, ideological-political and especially applied, practical significance. Almost any professional organization has tried to protect its members in some way. In early 1867, doctors in Lviv recognized the need to create their own professional association to organize social protection, to create a fund to support sick, infirm and impoverished colleagues, as well as their widows and orphans. Thus, it was decided to establish a separate Medical Society. In accordance with the provisions of the statute, the purpose of the Society of Galician Physicians was to work together on the development of medicine, primarily in the direction of its practical application, taking into account the relations of the population as a whole; promoting a spirit of cohesion and friendship between health professionals to jointly oversee medical affairs; providing material assistance to impoverished colleagues, families of deceased colleagues. Similar tasks were set by the societies of printers, weavers, and oil refiners. All of them were united by the medical and health-improving activity.


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