Development of skills training model attacking futsal by using small game-side 3 vs 3 to improve basic skills on high school students

Ardhy Sabdono, Panggung Sutapa, Diajeng Tyas Pinru Phytanza


This research and development aims to develop an exercise model that will be useful and effective, can be used as a model to train students at high school level students.

The result of the research is (1) the formulation of the basic mind-base technique of attacking the futsal using a small game in accordance with the training program consisting of 5 models of dasrawanan skill (CVR=1), (2) the feasibility test indicates that the developed model quality has " Very Good ", and (3) Based on the results of the effectiveness test there is an effective against the basic teaching element that is mean pretest=75.88, meeting 1 =74.65, meeting 2=74.65, meeting 3=72.82, meeting 4 / postest=71.32


Futsal Practice Model; Basic Skills; Small Game; Futsal Game

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