Susceptibility of pipe steel of a controllable rolling tо stress-corrosion cracking

Lyudmila Nyrkova, Anatoliy Rybakov, Sergey Mel’nychuk, Svitlana Osadchuk


Susceptibility of Х70 pipe steel to stress-corrosion cracking (SCC) under complex influence of factors is investigated. Sensitivity to SCC is evaluated by  coefficient (the ratio of relative reduction of the sample in air to its relative reduction in the solution). Susceptibility of X70 steel to SCC at the corrosion potential is low, but increases in the presence of stress concentrator and under applying of the cathodic polarisation. It is established some differences in the susceptibility to SCC at the – 1.0 VAg/AgCl of X70 pipe steel of different manufacturing. At the same combination of other factors, the greatest influence on sensitivity to SCC is predetermined by the presence of stress concentrator


pipie steel; polarization; slow strain rate tests; cathode protection; stress-corrosion cracking

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