Purpose: to research changes in technical and physical preparedness of 7-8-year-old sportswomen under the influence of classes on the program of CYSS.

Material and methods: theoretical analysis and generalization of scientific and methodological literary sources; testing of technical and physical fitness, pedagogical experiment, methods of mathematical statistics. The research involved 7-8-year-old girls in the initial training group of the second year of study.

Results: reliable changes in physical preparedness in in throwing a tennis ball to the range - by 39,8 % (t=3,70, p<0,01), in the exercise of catching a falling stick - by 12,7 % (t=5,00, p<0,001); the shuttle run in 5 directions with rackets “Fan” - by 8,9 % (t=2,40, p<0,05). Positive changes were obtained but had no valid results in other control exercises (p>0,05). In technical preparation, positive reliable changes in exercises were obtained: in impacts from the rebound from the wall by 33,3 % (t=2,20, p<0,05) and in impacts from the rebound through the grid from the coach basket by 56,4 % (t=2,70, p<0,05). Correctly selected physical fitness exercises allowed the tennis players to approach the ball in time to hit the ball and improve the test results. It was revealed that the improvement in indicators in long jump, throwing a tennis ball at a range and accuracy contributed to an increase in the importance of correlation links to an average and high level of indicators in hits from the rebound from the wall and through the net, in serve.

Conclusions: the introduction of the methods for the integrated development of physical qualities and technical preparedness under the program of CYSS contributed to reliable changes in indicators. Ways were determined for the further improvement of speed and high-speed and power abilities, serving, and strokes of female tennis players.

Keywords: female tennis players, physical preparedness, indicators, techniques.


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