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Publication Frequency

The Journal is published every two months:

No. 1 - February
No. 2 - April
No. 3 - June

No. 4 - August
No. 5 - October
No. 6 - December

Open Access Policy

The articles in this journal are published open access (OA)  

Journal History

Published in 2013.

The magazine is included in the list of professional publications in Ukraine, which may publish results of dissertations (Decree of Presidium of SCADT Ukraine:

№3–05/11 from 10.11.1999.

№1–05/34 from 14.10. 2009.

Certificate of State Registration – КВ №12221-1105Р from 17.01.2007).



The cost of one page, designed in accordance with the requirements, is 107 UAH. Payment terms will be sent if the article is accepted for publication.