Hydrocolonotherapy ankle joints after injuries

Volodymyr Muchin, Oleksandr Zviriaka


Purpose: to improve efficiency of gydrokinesitherapy by means of specially designed devices and monolasts for patients after ankle joint injuries.

Material & Methods: there are pedagogical methods, clinical and radiological methods, anthropometric measurements and goniometry were used.

Results: the author's technique of hydrokinesitherapy with application hydrokinesimechanotherapy device in the program of physical rehabilitation which provides optimum conditions for the recovery process was developed.

Conclusions: the specially designed hydrokinesomechanotherapeutic device and monolasts are allow strictly controlled movement in all planes of the ankle joint, which contributes to the acceleration of the recovery; the conducted anthropometric and goniometric studies were indicate more rapid elimination of edema, increase movement amplitude, carries opposition to the development of contractures and muscle atrophy.


ankle-joint injure; physical rehabilitation; hydrokinesоtherapy; hydrokinesomechanotherapeutic device; monolast

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