Yevgeny Leheza

University of Customs and Finance, Ukraine
Doctor of Law, Professor

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Selected Publications:

  1. Leheza, Y.O., Filatov, V., Varava, V., Halunko, V., Kartsyhin, D. (2019). Scientific and practical analysis of administrative jurisdiction in the light of adoption of the new code of administrative procedure of Ukraine. Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues, 22 (5), 1–8.

  2. Chentsov, V. V., Leheza, Ye. O. (2019). Relevance of national legislation on the cleaning of authorities to international legal standards. Public administration and customs administration, 2 (19), 111–122. doi:

  3. Hryhorash, O., Korneyev, M., Leheza, Y., Zolotukhina, L., Hryhorash, T. (2018). The development of small business as a source of formation of local budget revenues in Ukraine. Investment Management and Financial Innovations, 15 (1), 132–140. doi:

  4. Leheza, Y., Savielieva, M., Dzhafarova, O. (2018). Structural and legal analysis of scientific activity regulation in developed countries. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 4 (3), 147–157. doi:

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  7. Dymko, I., Muradian, A., Leheza, Y., Manzhula, A., Rudkovskyi, O. (2017). Integrated approach to the development of the effectiveness function of quality control of metal products. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 6 (3 (90)), 26–34. doi: