Implementation of separate norms of the constitution of ukraine as the basic law

Valerii Sergienko, Yanina Chupryna


This paper considers certain implementation problems of Ukrainian Constitution statements as to implementation and protection of main rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens. There are considered implementation problems of right for education and medical services. The legality of reformation of educative and medical branches is analyzed.

Recommendations as to the legal support of reformation of aforesaid branches for their correspondence of constitutional norms are given. The problem of democracy implementation in Ukraine is considered. Based on the formation principle and peculiarity of bodies of state and representative power, implementation peculiarities of its delegated right and duties, it is offered to limit the right of Verkhovna Rada deputies for introducing changes and additions to the Ukrainian Constitution. Analyzing implementation features of democracy in Ukraine, it is offered to change the system of candidates’ admission to the participation in Verkhovna Rada elections.  At the same time there is substantiated a necessity to eliminate the majority system of election and chose the party one. Taking into account article 1 of the Constitution, establishing the social directionality of the Ukrainian development, based on the analysis of separate Laws, there is substantiated the non-observance of social norms of the Constitution by state power bodies. Thus, analyzing the statements of the Law of Ukraine “On the living wage”, “On the minimal consumption budget”, it is established, that the minimal living wage is corrected according to the present budget and not to requirements of the Laws, establishing the special order.  There are analyzed separate statements of the project of the Labor Code of Ukraine that differ from the actual Code of the Labor Laws and don’t increase socio-labor protection of workers, but on the contrary, worsen and make them socially depended on an employer that is rightless


Constitution of Ukraine; legal norm; norm realization; human rights and freedoms; society; state; referendum; rights and duties


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