Roy George

Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

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Researcher ID: GBO-9834-2022
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Professional (scientific) interests:  
Lasers in Dentistry, Endodontics,  Restorative dentistry, Pain, Dental education

Selected Publications:

  1. Lagunov, V. L., Rybachuk, M., Itthagarun, A., Walsh, L. J., George, R. (2022). Modification of dental enamel, dentin by an ultra-fast femtosecond laser irradiation: A systematic review. Optics & Laser Technology, 155, 108439. doi:
  2. Rung, A., Hood, M., George, R. (2021). A novel scale to measure students’ perceptions of exemplars in a dental school. European Journal of Dental Education, 26(3), 608–616. Portico. doi:
  3. Wong, M., White, A., Jarrett, J., Walsh, L.J., George, R. (2022).Evaluation of the diffusion of triamcinolone and demeclocycline through the dentinal tubules and apical foramen: A mass spectrometry study. Journal of Conservative Dentistry, 25 (4), 420–425.
  4. Tsai, A. C., George, R., Teoh, Y.-Y., Walsh, L. J. (2022). Laser-fluorescence assessment of sodium hypochlorite quenching reversal agents on human dentine. Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy, 38, 102791. doi:
  5. Parker, S., Cronshaw, M., Grootveld, M., George, R., Anagnostaki, E., Mylona, V., Chala, M., Walsh, L. (2022). The influence of delivery power losses and full operating parametry on the effectiveness of diode visible–near infra-red (445–1064 nm) laser therapy in dentistry—a multi-centre investigation. Lasers in Medical Science, 37 (4), 2249–2257. doi:
  6. Sleep, S. L., Skelly, D., Love, R. M., George, R. (2021). Bioenergetics of photobiomodulated osteoblast mitochondrial cells derived from human pulp stem cells: systematic review. Lasers in Medical Science, 37(3), 1843–1853. doi:
  7. Ranjit, E., Hamlet, S., George, R., Sharma, A., Love, R. M. (2022). Biofunctional approaches of wool-based keratin for tissue engineering. Journal of Science: Advanced Materials and Devices, 7 (1), 100398. doi: