Smoking among adolescents in Russia in comparison with other countries of central and Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union

Anna Tokar, Tatiana I Andreeva


We aimed to compare characteristics of tobacco consumption among adolescents in Russian Federation with countries of Central and Eastern Europe based on the data of Global Youth Tobacco Survey, carried out among adolescents aged 13—15 years in European middle and low income countries in 1999-2005. Russian Federation was characterized with higher rates of smoking prevalence among adolescents, earlier smoking initiation, higher chances to be daily smokers and dependent smokers. In Russian society, awareness of smoking-related harm was lower than in other European countries. Smoking was more likely to be considered a characteristic of popularity and success. Russian adolescents were more often exposed to second-hand smoke in their homes and in public places, but not in educational institutions.

Keywords: tobacco smoking, adolescents, Global Youth Tobacco Survey.


tobacco smoking; adolescents; Global Youth Tobacco Survey


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