Triple-negative transformation of the endometrium, cervix and mammary gland on the background of immunodeficiency




endometrium, mammary gland, cervix, immunodeficiency, estrogen, progesterone, epidermal growth factor hormone, precancerous state


Precancerous processes of the female reproductive system continue to be an issue that is being actively studied, despite the successes of recent years. One of the key prognostic factors is the characterization of the receptor set, primarily the mammary gland and endometrium, namely estrogen (ER), progesterone (PR), epidermal growth factor-2 (HER2) receptors. Purpose – to identify the features of the distribution of estrogen, progesterone and epidermal growth factor receptors in the tissues of the endometrium, cervix and mammary gland with a combination of HIV infection and alcohol abuse. Fifty women of reproductive age from 20 to 40 years were studied. After routine conduction and immunohistochemical staining, ER and PR expression were determined by a modified D.Allred scale. HER2 expression was determined by a semi-quantitative method. The obtained digital data were statistically processed. A morphometric study indicates that the combination of HIV infection and alcohol abuse significantly affects the distribution of receptors in the female reproductive system. To a greater extent, the overall score is reduced by reducing the number of cellular elements with the expression of ER and PR. HER2 receptor expression is significantly reduced in the endometrium and mammary gland. These changes may be facilitated by atrophic changes in these organs, which occurs in immunodeficiency. According to the D.Allred scale, the mean score decreases from 5.45±0.63 to 3.10±0.88 in the endometrium, from 4.68±0.65 to 2.47±0.58 in the cervix, from 6.57±0.67 to 3.57±0.77 in the mammary gland (p<0.05). HER2 expression decreased from 3.24±0.47 to 2.21±0.23 in the endometrium, from 3.43±0.66 to 2.36±0.32 in the mammary gland (p<0.05). The development of immunodeficiency is characterized by the restructuring of female reproductive organs with a change in the receptor set of the endometrium, cervix and mammary gland and a decrease in both the qualitative and quantitative composition of the receptors, which may serve as a prerequisite for the development of a triple-negative phenomenon in tumors of these organs.


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