Clinical signs of the quality level of fixed dentures in the process of use and rationale for feasibility of their replacement




artificial crowns, bridge-like dentures, index of quality


The growing requirements for the quality of dental care necessitates expert evaluation of dental prostheses. Therefore, on the way to improve the structure and process of providing dental care, it is important to analyze the primary data of its results in quantitative and qualitative terms. The purpose of this work is to clarify the content and results of consulting care by analyzing clinically important indicators of the quality of fixed dentures that determine their applicability for further use. Among the 410 patients aged 35-81 examined for damage to abutment teeth and periodontal tissues, unsatisfactory condition of crowns and bridges, the 1st subgroup included 76 (18.5%) persons who sought counseling on their own initiative and the 2nd subgroup – 334 (81.5%) persons with referrals from other medical institutions. Quality indicators of 759 artificial crowns and 803 bridges were determined (K08.5 – unsatisfactory restoration of teeth) in the early (up to 24 months) and remote (more than 24 months of use) periods of observation using a modified index of clinical and technological quality. In patients of both groups in the early observation period 67 crowns and 101 bridges (all signs – 253), and in the remote period – 692 crowns and 702 bridges (3804 signs) of low quality were revealed. Quality index of these structures in the early and remote periods of observation was 0,71 versus 0,36 (p<0.05) and 0.64 versus 0.37 respectively (p<0.05). In 71 (93.4%) patients of the 1st group grounds for replacement of 292 out of 327 (89.3%), and in 238 (71.3%) patients of the 2nd group – 827 (67.0%) out of 1235 fixed partial dentures were found. Thus, expert assessment of the quality of dental care is an integral part of ensuring the predicted results of prosthetic treatment. The proposed method of assessing the clinical and technological quality of fixed dentures makes it possible to determine their suitability or unsuitability for further use.


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