Smoking prevalence among adults in households with children: parental survey




children, second-hand smoke, tobacco product, nicotine vaping, smoking, prevalence


The effects of tobacco smoke and nicotine on the health of adults and children remain one of the most burning problem in our days. In 2019 the prevalence of active smoking in Ukraine reached 42.0 among men and 14.4% among women. The negative effects of second-hand tobacco smoke exposure are most significant in children under 5 years of life, especially in families with smoking mothers. The goal of the study was to assess the current smoking prevalence in families with children, including the use of modern electronic nicotine delivery devices. A self-reported survey of 414 families living in Odessa and Odessa region (Ukraine) was conducted. All questionnaires were divided into two groups depending on the presence of tobacco smoke exposure. To asses the factor's relevance the odds ratio (OR) and its 95% confidence interval (CI) were used. The prevalence of smoking in families was associated with the age of the father up to 30 years (16.13 [95% CI 11.54–22.09]%; OR 2.73 [1.42–5.25]), mother’s and father’s low education lever (OR 2.73 [1.42–5.25] and 2.70 [1.64–4.44]), as well as with the residence of the family in the city (OR 4.30). The prevalence of smoking exposure was not associated with the income level or number of household members. The prevalence of smoking in women before pregnancy was more than 20%, and during pregnancy – 10%. After delivery women smoked in 23.91 (95% CI 20.06-28.25)% of cases. Proportion of families where smoked someone other than the mother reached 42.75 (95% CI 38.08–47.56)%. Other family members smoking negatively affected mothers’ tobacco consumption, both before and after childbirth. After pregnancy, women used both smoked tobacco and noncombustible forms of nicotine (51.52 vs 48.48%) with the same frequency. Other family members consumed smoking tobacco more often than e-cigarettes. All smokers who used electronic nicotine delivery devices more likely smoked at home (OR 5.33 [95% CI 0.53–54.04]).


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