About the Journal

Appropriation and title of Visegrad Journal on Human Rights are closely connected with Visegrad Group (also known as “Visegrad Four” or “V4”)). “V4” is a union of Slovakia Republic, Poland Republic, Czech Republic and Hungary with the goal of collaboration in the list of directions which have an interest within generally European integration. All these four Central European countries performance the cultural and intelligent values exchange for all times; they pine to save and to strength tradition and general roots in the future. Visegrad Four gives the especial meaning to informational exchange in the reason of saving and inspiration of collaboration.

By the way, the activity of Visegrad Four is directed to the optimal collaboration with all countries, in particular, neighbours and the finish purpose if the democratic development of all European parts which is impossible without special attention to the problem of human rights protection.

Definitely in this reason, in 2014 it was created Visegrad Journal on Human Rights, within the covers of which such actual problems in the ensuring sphere of protection and realization of human rights and freedoms are explored.