European parliamentarism and establishing the content of the institutional authority within the EU parliament




International law, EU law, EU Parliament, parliamentarism, conception, institutional authority, supranational


This article is devoted to the study of the role of the European Parliament in the global political and legal context. The author focuses on the characteristics and peculiarities of the European model of parliamentarism, in particular, institutional authority and its role in the decision-making process. The research includes an analysis of the views of various authors on the term “institutional authority”, in particular in the context of the functioning within state bodies. Different views help to reveal aspects of the definition of this term and its role in a positive assessment of the activities of public authorities. A special emphasis is placed on the importance of personal authority of the head of the body in comparison with institutional authority, which allows us to consider leadership not only through the prism of the position, but also personal qualities. This aspect of the study is a promising area that can help understand the interaction between institutional and personal authority. The definition of the term “institutional authority” becomes a key element for further elucidating the concept of supranational parliamentarism in the context of the European Union Parliament. This study contributes to a deeper understanding of the functions of the parliament at the supranational level and may open up new perspectives in the development of European integration processes. A key aspect of the study is the methodology used to analyse and study European parliamentarism and institutional authority. The methods used allow for a more complete understanding of the structure and functions of the European Parliament. The article also highlights the prospects for the development of the concept of supranational parliamentarism in international law. The author’s vision of the term “institutional authority” serves as a basis for further development of the concept within the framework of supranational interaction and decision-making at the international level. In general, this research article offers an in-depth legal analysis and understanding of the genesis of European parliamentarism, highlighting key aspects of the institutional authority of the European Union Parliament and the prospects for the development of supranational parliamentarism. The study makes a significant contribution to the understanding of the interaction of parliamentary institutions at different levels and can serve as a basis for further research on the role of parliaments in shaping the world order.


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