Problematic issues of gender equality in the European Union: administrative and legal aspect


  • Yuliya Kovalenko graduate student of the Department of Public Management and Administration of the National Academy of Internal Affairs, Ukraine



equality, gender, parity, gender equality, legal status, gender characteristics


The article is devoted to gender equality, one of the most relevant topics today, not only in Ukraine, but also in the European Union. Strategic planning of gender policy is an important aspect in achieving the values of equality between women and men. Building a quality strategy requires experience and expert work, in particular, data collection and processing, setting priorities and evaluating the effectiveness of already developed strategies.

The aim of the work is a thorough study of gender equality policy in Ukraine and EU countries in law enforcement agencies.

The methodological basis of the study. In the process of working on the scientific article, such scientific methods as the terminological, systemic-structural, formal-logical, comparative-legal method were used.

Results. The European Union, in particular, the Commission on Gender Equality and Monitoring its Progress, already has some experience in strategic planning to achieve the goals of gender equality, which is implemented in all spheres of life. A review and analysis of this experience can help Ukraine improve approaches and practices for developing strategies in this area.

In Ukraine, scientific research on gender aspects of state policy began in the 90s of the last century. The issue of gender equality should be central in the analysis, planning and adoption of political decisions, budgets, programs, and institutional structures.

The article analyzes actions and trends in the field of gender equality in the EU and Ukraine with the aim of bringing the law enforcement sphere of Ukraine closer to European gender standards.

Conclusions. It was determined that the observance of gender equality or parity democracy is a system of rights, freedoms and duties of a person and a citizen regulated by regulations and provided for by political and legal principles, ensuring the possibility of their equal implementation and observance in all spheres of state and public activity with the help of an appropriate implementation mechanism. Summarizing the European practice, new principles of gender policy are defined, which form the modern ideology of equality.


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