Regulatory and legal regulation of the healtcare sector in Ukraine and Hungary: general and special




Ukraine, Hungary, Constitution of Ukraine, Fundamental Law of Hungary, legal regulation, healthcare sector


This article conducts a comparative analysis of the current state of legal regulation in the healthcare sector in Ukraine and Hungary. The significance of healthcare issues has elevated them to the level of one of the most important state tasks and an internal function of the modern state. This necessitates not only the execution of effective state governance but also the formation and implementation of state policy in this sphere. The article is dedicated to the formation and implementation of state policy concerning the legal regulation of the healthcare sector in Ukraine and Hungary, which underscores its relevance.

During the writing process, the author researched the system of legal relations and state bodies responsible for performing relevant functions and tasks in the formation and implementation of healthcare policy. It analyzes the legislative system regulating these areas and the practice of its application in both countries. The article identifies the roles and places of the Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council) of Ukraine and the Hungarian National Assembly, as well as the Cabinets of Ministers and the executive branch systems in both countries in the realization of healthcare policy.

Like most contemporary scientific developments in this field, the article covers problems of three scientific disciplines – medicine, management, and law. In preparing this article, the author reviewed a considerable amount of medical literature, particularly in social medicine and healthcare organization, thoroughly exploring their scientific issues in both Ukraine and Hungary. However, it aims to illuminate the issues and problems arising in this context, specifically from the legal standpoint, particularly administrative law. Therefore, the focus of this work is primarily on legal categories and concepts – the legal mechanisms for implementing state medical and health improvement programs, ensuring the constitutionally guaranteed right of individuals in Ukraine and the Fundamental Law of Hungary to medical care, healthcare, and medical insurance, particularly the guaranteed level of free qualified medical aid.


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