Law enforcement bodies of Ukraine




concepts, legislation, law enforcement agencies, protection of rights, state, security, law and order


Based on the analysis of legal acts and different opinions of domestic legal scholars, who in their works investigated the issues of the system of law enforcement agencies of the state, determined the prospects for improving the activities of law enforcement agencies, it was established that law enforcement agencies of Ukraine occupy a central place in protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens, ensuring public security and law and order, protection and protection of the state border, protection of the interests of society and the state, and, if necessary, measures of state coercion are applied. Attention is drawn to certain debatable points related to the assignment of this or that state body to the system of law enforcement agencies. The problematic issue is that the law enforcement function, which is used in a broad sense, is used not only for law enforcement agencies, but also for other executive authorities. It was emphasized that one of the problematic issues that researchers pay attention to is the absence of a legislative definition of the system of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, which leads to numerous scientific discussions, as a result of which some scientists refer to the system of law enforcement agencies as state agencies whose main task is performance of other tasks of the state, at the same time they perform only separate law enforcement works, scientists have proven that in the majority of administrative scientists operate with legislative acts, in which the legislator, based on the specifics of the law enforcement body, indicates that one or another state body is law enforcement body, at the same time there are opposing opinions. It was concluded that until the legislator resolves the issue of defining the system of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, the aforementioned will affect the ability to properly ensure the rights and freedoms of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine. In order to determine the system of law enforcement agencies of the state, it is necessary to resolve this issue at the legislative level. Specific proposals for improving the activities of law enforcement agencies are offered.


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