Davlat Bobonov’s individual technical-tactical profile


  • F. Ahmedov Samarkand State University, Узбекистан

Ключові слова:

judo, efficiency of techniques, individual profile


Abstract. This study aims to analysis technical-tactical profile Davlat Bobonov, Tokyo Olympic bronze medal winner. The observations were conducted using the special video analysis in the 125 official judo contests organized by the IJF. During the analysis, there were determined ratios of standing and ground work techniques, efficiency of standing fight and grappling techniques. The results showed that 24,8 % of effective techniques obtained by Bobonov in katame waza, while 75,2 % techniques ne waza. He very effectively performed koshi waza, sutemu waza, ashi and te waza techniques. The results which have been presented in this study are of individual character of one competitor’s technical-tactical profile. Such kind of analysis and observations may determine individual profile of male judo training, and guide to judo coaches in their preparation process. The results may also be used as desired model of technical-tactical preparation of qualified judokas. Determining relations and analogues, similarities between the profiles contests of the other competitors, allows to formulate new strategy for future training.

Біографія автора

F. Ahmedov, Samarkand State University

PhD on Sport Science, Head of Scientific Department


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