Analysis of the rotative potential of two-frequency oscillation of water molecule




water molecule, two-frequency pendulum, inhomogeneous field of forces, toroidal potential


The rotational oscillations of a water molecule are considered using the model of a two-frequency physical pendulum and it is shown that the type of its potential is correctly described as toroidal. It is shown that the ellipticity of the toroidal potential in a non-uniform force field decreases with an increase in the exponent n than for an ellipsoidal one, however, both potentials become close. A decrease in the ellipticity of the toroidal potential in this field can lead to the expansion of the region of existence of elliptical-like oscillations of the two-frequency pendulum towards its lower speeds

Author Biography

Nikolay Malafayev, Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade Klochkivska str., 333, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61051

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Physico-Mathematical and Engineering and Technical Disciplines


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Physics and mathematics