Effect of chlorpyrifos on some physiological, biochemical and functional properties of rats blood hаemoglobin


  • Володимир Петрович Росаловський Institute of animal biology NAAS, V. Stus street, 38, Lviv, Ukraine, 79034, Ukraine




chlorpyrifos, rats, red blood cells, hemoglobin, catalase, superoxide dismutase


We studied how chlorpyrifos affects the dynamics of hemoglobin oxygen saturation, the ratio of ligand hemoglobin forms, catalase and superoxide dismutase activity in hemolyzed erythrocytes of peripherical rat blood during an hour after exposure. We found a significant decrease in hemoglobin affinity to oxygen and increased methemoglobin at 15 min after chlorpyrifos exposure

Author Biography

Володимир Петрович Росаловський, Institute of animal biology NAAS, V. Stus street, 38, Lviv, Ukraine, 79034

junior researcher


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Biological sciences