Organizing and running winter triathlon competitions in Ukraine


  • Vladimir Vodlozerov


type of program triathlon-winter, mountain bike, ski segment, continuous triathlon, transit zone, triathlete


Purpose: to analyze the system of organizing and running competitions according to the type of the triathlon-winter program in Ukraine for compliance with the rules of the International Triathlon Federation.

Material & Methods: on the basis of the study of the specialized literature and the regulatory framework of a number of triathlon federations, a comparative analysis of the winter triathlon emulation at competition distances abroad and in Ukraine. Result: correspondence of two winters combined distances in Ukraine to the official formats of the international winter triathlon competitions in Europe and the world are found out.

Conclusion: in basis for organizing and conducting competitions for a new variety of continuous triathlon in our country are the rules of the International Triathlon Federation, and the competitive distances in the form of the triathlon-winter program in Ukraine correspond to international standards.


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