Purpose: determination of the effectiveness of physical training of tennis players for competitions using elements of athletics exercises.
Material and methods: analysis of scientific and methodological sources; observation; measurements and accounting; instrumental techniques; statistical and mathematical. The test group consisted of 10 young tennis players at the age of 9-12 years old, who were practicing on the basis of one tennis club and had an experience of regular tennis lessons (at least three trainings per week) from 1 year.
Results: the main feature of the period of participation in tournaments is the need to maintain a specific level of special performance. Therefore, the specificity of physical training has an applied functional nature to high-level loads. Its purpose is to ensure maximum special fitness and maintain its level, as well as to maintain general fitness. Based on the results of the ascertaining experiment, methodological complexes have been developed for use in physical training of young tennis players during the period of participation in competitions. The effectiveness of their application has been determined. The developed complexes of exercises were effective for ensuring the development of speed and speed-strength abilities of the tennis players of the test group. However, their effectiveness was not significant for increasing the pace of strikes, as well as increasing the strength of the legs and shoulder girdle.
Conclusions: the adaptation of the methodology of physical training of young tennis players involves considering both the peculiarities of physical fitness in relation to the effectiveness in competitions, and its influence on the process of technical and tactical improvement of the players. The obtained data partly testify in favor of the use of the developed methodological complexes for the physical training of young players during the competition. Thus, the presented complexes are promising for use in the process of physical training of tennis players during participation in competitions, however, they require more thorough testing.

Keywords: young tennis players, physical and technical training, target accuracy.


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