Classification of notarial functions




notary, notarial functions, notarial activity, main notarial function, development of notary


The article classifies the notarial functions by defining the concept of "notarial functions", identifies unexplored aspects of the notarial functions, defines the main function of the notary. Both general theoretical and special methods became the methodological basis of the research. The method of comparative analysis makes it possible to define the concept of notarial functions. The dialectical method made it possible to reveal the nature and content of notarial functions, to classify them. It has been clarified, that the law determines that the purpose and, therefore, the final result of the performance of a notarial act is to give legal certainty to rights and facts that have legal significance, and this, in turn, establishes that since the rights or facts are notarized, then they should be recognized by participants in civil legal relations as indisputable and unquestionable. The main role of the notary is established, which is manifested in ensuring non-dispute in civil legal relations. The norms of national legislation, through which the law-defensive and law-protective functions of the notary are implemented, are considered. It was studied which functions complement the notarial function, and which have a different legal nature, as well as what effect the granting of the function of the state registrar to notaries had on the notarial functions. The concept of "notarial functions" is defined as the main directions or types of activity of the notary, which express the role and purpose of the notary in society and the state, its social value and most important features. Notarial functions are classified by the main function (the notarial function, which consists in ensuring non-dispute in civil legal relations and includes law-defensive, law-protective and law-regulatory functions of the notary), derivative functions (registration functions), additional functions (function of the state registrar, subject of primary financial monitoring, mediator, fiscal function)

Author Biography

Lina Kyianytsia, V. M. Koretsky Institute of State and Law

Postgraduate Student


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