Functioning of the real property register in Ukraine during the period of marital status




property, right of ownership, Register of property rights to immovable property, notary, prohibition, restrictions


Today, all information on real property rights and their encumbrances and restrictions is entered into a single register - the State Register of Real Property rights and their encumbrances. The Register of Rights will now include information not only about rights to buildings and structures, but also about rights to land plots.

The article examines the process of State registration of rights to immovable property and continuous operation of the register during the period of martial law in Ukraine. One of the types of administrative process is the registration proceeding, which covers a wide range of social relations, the participants of which are, on the one hand, executive power bodies and their officials, and on the other hand, natural or legal entities. In the circle of these relations, a system of regulatory and legal acts is being built, detailing the registration procedural relations that were worked out during the writing of this scientific work. Having analyzed the peculiarities of the work of state bodies in war conditions, problems in the activity of the Register of Property Rights to immovable property and the connection between the high-quality work of the register and the protection of the owner's rights to his/her property have been identified. Since the economy of the state nowadays should work better than ever, this question is quite relevant. Today, unfortunately, there are circumstances that cannot be regulated at the state level, planned or minimized. Namely, "air alarms", "damage to energy systems", "damage to means of communication" and the unstable psychological state of the citizens. A number of changes that took place in the legislation over the last period in connection with the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine were described. The article will examine the mechanism of the Register of Real Property Rights in wartime conditions, identify the weak points of the system, and suggest possible ways of improvement

Author Biography

Olga Taranova, University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine

Postgraduate Student

Department of Financial Law


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