• E. P. Ivanova Одеська Національна академія харчових технологій, Bulgaria
  • T. B. Ilev
  • Gr. Y. Mihaylov
  • I. S. Stoyanov
  • V. B. Yehorov


Ключові слова:

5G, Blocking Probability, Teletraffic Engineering, Queue Model.


In the new world of globalization of ideas and mobility difficulties in knowledge diffusion still remains. The effective
exchange of experiences and skills in new generation networks is not guaranteed by the enormous potentials
ofinternetworking systems and devices. Conceptual model for performance modeling and evaluation of multiservice
networks has been major interest for mobile networks providers. It is essential to assess the performance of
mobile system architectures in order to identify where potential bottlenecks and data packet blocking probability
are possible to occur. Educational platforms, new simulations opportunities represent a good opportunity to reduce
the digital divide and to ensure faster and higher communication trends. Several universities and companies are
currently involved in using educational platforms to provide better results. Conceptual model for teletraffic
engineering in educational platform and applications focuses on some important aspects: tutorials, exercise,
simulations, and expectation values of parameters, testing and estimation of students work. In the same time the
same model is very appropriate for simulation of network management for the new generation networks. This
educational platform for academics, students and researchers, puts together some of the critical aspects of
distributed systems and their characteristics, parameters and probability of blocking.

Біографії авторів

E. P. Ivanova, Одеська Національна академія харчових технологій

к.т.н., Асистент кафедри Автоматизації виробничих процесів, науковий керівник науково-дослідної лабораторії Мехатроніки та робототехніки.

T. B. Ilev

Gr. Y. Mihaylov

I. S. Stoyanov


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