Fractional dynamics and emissive activity of geosystems


  • V.N. Shuman Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine



spontaneous emission, transitional processes, fractal equation of generation, fracton excitations, fractal structure, transitional dispersion


Some particular problems and nonstandard ideas, reflecting up-to-date state of nonlinear-dynamic approach to the studies of geosystems are under consideration. Attention is concentrated on the mechanisms of generation of the wide-range, in general case, fractal spectrum of spontaneous seismoacoustic and electromagnetic emissions of lithosphere. The leading role of criticality fronts of different nature in their generation is mentioned. Fundamental characrer of fluctuation-dissipative theorem connecting spontaneous fluctuations of the system with its dissipative properties is accentuated. Well known definitions of the fields of spontaneous emissions of the time, more adequate from the viewpoint of their physical interpretation and possibilities of modeling are being generalized. In this case, seismoelectromagnetic activity is associated with uninterrupted in time transitional process, which is called transitional dispersion with non-stationary activity of geo-medium, its metastable state and sequence of such states. Necessary generalizations are reached by synthesis of fractal dynamics and fractal geometry that provides new possibilities of their self-consistent description. Fractal parabolic equation of spontaneous electromagnetic emission written down in generalized (fractal) derivatives by temporal and spatial variables is under consideration. An important class of localized oscillatory (fracton) excitation of the system is under discussion, which are coordinated with its (the system) fractal structure and which are analogous to ordinary in case of nd regular geometry, which can have neatly seismic, seismoelectromagnetic or electromagnetic nature.


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