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Author Guidelines

The editorial office of the "Geophysical Journal" accepts articles and scientific reports in Ukrainian or English, all materials are published free of charge. Articles are submitted exclusively through the Geophysical Journal website

General requirements

  • UDC
  • article title in Ukrainian and English
  • abstract (in Ukrainian and English) at least 1800 symbols, including keywords
  • key words
  • information about the authors in Ukrainian and English
    • full name of the authors
    • affiliation
    • e-mail of the authors
    • principal contact for editorial correspondence (phone number, e-mail)


The text should be typed in the Microsoft Word editor on A4 sheets in one and a half intervals, using Times New Roman font size 14 pt. Fields on all sides - 2.5 cm, alignment - in width. At the beginning of each paragraph, an indent of 1.25 cm is made. Word wrapping is not allowed. The pages are numbered in the lower right corner. Figures, tables, references, captions and summaries in Ukrainian and English, key words should be given on separate pages; formulas must be typed necessarily in the Equation or MachType application. Only SI units can be used in articles.

Articles submitted to the journal must contain at least 85% of the original text. All submissions are checked for plagiarism, if detected, the article will not be published. Authors who are found to have plagiarized again will never again be able to publish in the Geophysical Journal.


Figures are made in vector graphics editors and are presented in the formats CorelDRAW (.cdr) 13th version. Raster graphics (photographs, scanned materials) submitted in TIFF or JPEG format (JPEG format must be at a maximum or high quality). Resolution of raster graphics should be at least 600 dpi for grey-scale drawings and at least 300 dpi for photographs. The size of one figure should not exceed 5 MB. Excess of this amount is possible with the approval of the editorial staff. The captions to the figure are made in a separate file in Microsoft Word format. Figures inserted in Word are not accepted. In addition, each figure cannot exceed the size of the journal page (160×230 mm).

The journal publishes grey-scale and colour illustrations.


The list of literature is compiled in alphabetical order (first in Ukrainian, then in foreign languages) without numbers. In the list of literature for each literary source must indicate all authors. In the text when referring to the literary source in square brackets you need to write the author's name and a comma - year of publication (if the two authors, then indicate both if three or more - the first, and others.). All works that are referenced in square brackets should be listed in the literature list. Conversely, the entire literature should be referenced in square brackets in the text of the article.

Referencеs should be given according to the international standard APA Style (American Psychological Association). Please, add DOI (digital object identifier) to the referencеs. Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa).

The article will be sent back to the author for verification and correction of errors. The author should not make any significant changes. It is recommended that you use e-mail and report corrections in the first three days after you receive the layout.

Submission of an article in the journal means that it is original, has not been published anywhere and is not directed to other publications. The article should be signed by all authors. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the facts, citations, bibliographical references, spelling of geographical names, names.

Call attention to using of reproduction in the article previously published graphics or other material protected by copyright, is not enough to give the bibliographic reference to the source of content being played. The authors are obliged to obtain the written permission of the copyright holder previously published (in printed or electronic form) materials for their reproduction in the authors' article.

Articles not drawn up according to the specified rules will not be accepted for consideration.

Privacy Statement

Names and email addresses that users enter the site of this journal will be used exclusively to internal technical problems of this magazine; they will not be extended and transferred to third parties.