Velocity divisibility of the mantle beneath the Ukrainian shield

T. A. Tsvetkova, I. V. Bugaenko, L. N. Zaets


Within the limits of three-dimensional Tailor approximation P-velocity model of the mantle under the Ukrainian shield it has been shown that the mantle under it, according to its velocity characteristics, can be subdivided into 3 domains: the Western, the Central and the Eastern ones. The Volynian and Podolian mega-blocks belong to the Western domain, the Central domain includes the Ross, the Bug, the Ingul mega-blocks and the western part of the Middle-Dnieper mega-block limited by the Derezovata fault system and the Eastern domain includes the eastern part of Middle-Dnieper mega-block and the Peri-Azovian mega-block. This division remains for the interval 50—500 km of the upper mantle, its transitional zone, and restores at the depths 700—800 km of the splitting zone 1. The mentioned division is substantiated by the connection at the depth of 100—250 km of the mantle under the USh with velocity structures of the Sarmatian segment of East European Platform; at the depths of 350—600 km by the connection with velocity structures of the mantle under the Black Sea; at the depths of 700—800 km the connection of velocity structures of the Sarmatian segment of East European Platform and the western part of the Black Sea restores.


seismotomography; P-velocity model; the mantle; the Ukrainian shield


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