Alternatives of «shale scenario» of development of the Russian fuel and energy complex on the basis of the deep oil paradigm of petroleum geology

A. I. Timurziev


The condition and ways of the decision of the basic problems of modern petroleum geology in the field of recovery of resources of hydrocarbon and searches of oil and gas fields are discussed. Problems of efficiency, strategy and methodology of searches of oil and gas, carried out since times of an oil fever of XIX century based on a dominating hypothesis of sedimentary-migration origin of oil are considered. The crisis condition and prospects of development of a Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia connected with development of the Arctic shelf and difficult-to-extract resources of «shale oil» has been shown. Alternatives to «shale oil scenario» developments of Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia are discussed. They are reduced to necessity of change settled its resource of development of sedimentary-migration paradigm of Petroleum Geology based on the theory of organic (biotic) origin of oil and gas on its antagonistic-alternative deep oil paradigm, based on the theory of inorganic (mineral), inorganic-mantle origins of hydrocarbons.

In the network of the development of the ideas of the great scientists-educators of the XX century Kudryavtsev-Porfiryev-Kropotkin in Russia since 2011 a scientific revolution to change the organic paradigm of petroleum geology on the deep paradigm has been carried out. The project «Deep oil» is being implemented, which is considered as the implementation in practice of the ideas of the deep paradigm based on the theory of inorganic (mineral), abiogenic-mantle origin of hydrocarbons, as the concept of minimizing the negative consequences of western sanctions restrictions in the field of fuel and energy of Russia due to the advanced growth of the resource base and stabilization of oil production from its possible fall in the territories of economic activity of the oil companies of Russia, working in the «old areas» of oil production in the European part of the country, Western Siberia and other traditional and new areas of oil and gas production.

Brief information about the project «Deep oil» and its information support is given.


Kudrjavtsev Reading; origin of oil and gas; organic theory; theory of abiotic-mantle origin of hydrocarbons; deep oil paradigm; «Deep oil» project


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