Vol 36, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents


Tectonophysical and palinspatic sections of the Ukrainian Carpathians along the geo-traverse DOBRE-3 (PANCAKE) PDF (Русский)
O.B. Gintov, I. N. Bubnyak, Yu. M. Vikhot', A. V. Murovskaya, M. V. Nakapelyukh, V. E. Shlapinskiy 3-33
New results of paleomagnetic studies of red-colored Silurian deposits PDF (Русский)
E. Polyachenko, V. Bakhmutov, L. Konstantinenko, M. Teyser-Elenska, M. Kadzyalko-Hofmokl', T. Scarboviychuk, V. Yakukhno 34-47
On forecast and predictability of seismic process PDF (Русский)
V. Shuman 48-71
Of some peculiarities of generalized rheological body. 2 PDF (Українська)
Ye. Bytzan 72-85
Advanced methods for seismic imaging when mapping hydrocarbon traps associated with salt domes PDF (Русский)
A. Tiapkina, Yu. Tyapkin, A. Okrepkyj 86-104
Shallow-focus seismic activity in the rear of Japan-Sakhalin insular arc and its possible tectonic nature PDF (Русский)
I. Tikhonov, V. Lomtev 105-117
On solving reverse problems of geophysics applying the methods of the theory of dynamic systems PDF (Русский)
I. E. Stepanova, D. N. Rayevsky 118-131
Vizualizing of MTS data by the method of scalar impedances for numerical models of elementary conducting structures PDF (Русский)
T.I. Prychepiy 132-145
On the Carpathian electrical conductivity anomaly depth study PDF (Русский)
I. Rokityansky, V. Babak, A. Tereshyn 146-159
Electromagnetic precursors of earthquakes and their recurrence PDF (Русский)
B. V. Dovbnya 160-165