Landauer-Datta-Lundstrom conductivity model in micro- and nanoelectronics and Boltzmann transport equation


  • Юрій Олексійович Кругляк Odessa State Environmental University



nanophysics, nanoelectronics, Boltzmann equation, relaxation time, surface conductivity, Hall effect, Hall mobility, Hall factor


The role of the Boltzmann transport equation (BTE) in the Landauer-Datta - Lundstrom (LDL) electron and heat transport model is discussed. As the applications of the BTE there are discussed the BTE in the relaxation time approximation and the behavior of electric current in an external magnetic field as well as expression for the surface conductivity well knownintheLDLmodelisdeduced

Author Biography

Юрій Олексійович Кругляк, Odessa State Environmental University

Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor

Department of Information Technologies


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Physics and mathematics