No 3(53) (2016)

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Musical training of coaches in aesthetic-oriented sports PDF
Irina Belenkaya 5-8
Research of functional status of handball player is in a training process PDF
Vladimir Bogush, Oleksandr Yatsunskiy, Olga Sokol, Irina Smirnova, Oksana Reznichenko, Olga Kuvaldina 9-13
The existing state of material support of football clubs PDF
Denis Demenkov 14-17
Selection of option of pregame warm-up in handball taking into account features of force of the nervous system of sportsmen PDF
Helen Gant, Helena Biykova 18-22
Correlation of quality of life with component questionnaire in children with acute broncho-pulmonary disease PDF
Nataliya Ivasyk 23-25
The characteristics of the medicinal plants used in the herbal medicine оf type 2 diabetes PDF
Sergei Kalmykov, Julia Kalmykova 26-30
Planning of competitive activity of highly skilled athletes-sprinters during the annual macrocycle PDF
Svetlana Karaulova 31-34
Influence author methodic teaching swimming on coordination quality of children 6–10 years old with hearing disabilities PDF
Julia Karbunarova 35-38
The dynamics of somatic indicators of basketball players under the influence of the special exercises which are directed to the increase of stability of the vestibular analyzer PDF
Yevgeniy Kharchenko 39-42
Adaptation rearrangements of heart of young sportsmen depending on the orientation of the training activity PDF
Viktor Lastochkin, Anatoliy Rovnyy 43-46
Features of change of condition of a biogeometrical profile of bearing of students in the course of physical education PDF
Sergey Lopacki 47-50
Application of medical physical culture at extensive deep burns PDF
Vjacheslav Meleshkov, Oleksandr Petruhnov 51-54
Analyses of the efficiency of technique for improving the accuracy of performing power serve in jump by skilled volleyball players PDF
Alina Melnik 55-58
The relationship model of technical and tactical and morpho-functional characteristics of highly skilled swimmers specializing in 50 m butterfly PDF
Yelena Politko 59-63
Organizational foundations of preparation and selection of athletes PDF
Oksana Shynkaruk 64-66
Features of 30-40 years old tourists-skiers’ technical training in the preparation period PDF
Alexander Toporkov 67-69
Model characteristics of sensory-motor reactions and perceptions of specific wrestlers of different styles of confrontation PDF
Yuriy Tropin, Vyacheslav Romanenko, Viktor Ponomaryov 70-73
Sports selection system in triathlon PDF
Vladimir Vodlozerov 74-78
The analysis of efficiency of tactics of personal defense in basketball PDF
Yevheniya Yaroshenko 79-82
The effectiveness of the individual approach in physical rehabilitation of men with metabolic syndrome to improve atherogenic lipid profile PDF
Marina Yelnikova 83-85
The relationship between reproduction of the jump’s rhythm and technical score of their execution by gymnasts at the stage of initial training PDF
Oksana Zaplatynska 86-90