No 3(65) (2018)

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Analysis of the results of the introduction of the experimental methodology for the integrated development of motor qualities and the assimilation of elements of the technique of young weightlifters 10–12 years PDF
Eugen Bugaev, Viktor Dzhym, Olga Boltenkova 4-7
Influence of neurodynamic properties on the choice of coping strategies in qualified athletes PDF
Svitlana Fedorchuk, Olena Lysenko 8-11
Features of the improved methodology of pedagogical control of physical preparedness of athletes in aesthetic gymnastics PDF
Oleg Kamaev, Svitlana Osadchyieva 12-15
Study of the adaptive capabilities of the functional state of the basketball players' organism to physical loads during the microcycle of the preparatory training period PDF
Svitlana Korsun, Iryna Shaposhnikova, Iryna Pomeshchikova 16-19
Assessment of the level of terminological competence of physical education teachers as the basis of professional activity PDF
Inna Krasova, Alfiya Deyneko, Mykhailo Marchenkov, Larysa Lutsenko 20-25
Effect of ergotherapy on the level of self-care of children with cerebral palsy PDF
Oleksandr Kushchenko 26-31
Influence of modern choreography means on the level of technical preparedness of athletes from acrobatic rock’n’roll at the stage of preliminary basic training PDF
Petro Kyzim, Serhii Humeniuk, Nataliya Batieieva 32-39
Level of involvement of children and adolescents in various forms of motor activity in Ukraine and member countries Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance PDF
Andriy Mandiuk 40-44
Legal Regime of sports volunteering PDF
Iryna Petrenko 45-48
Age dynamics of the level of development of static equilibrium in middle-class students with visual impairments PDF
Liliana Riadova, Liudmyla Shesterova 49-52
Peculiarities of sensory motion reactions by students of KSAPC PDF
Yura Tropin, Vyacheslav Romanenko, Valeriy Goloha, Iryna Aleksieieva, Yana Aleksenko 53-56