Myroslav Kindrachuk

National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Department of Physical and Technical Problems of Materials Science

Scopus ID: 6602505769
Researcher ID: K-1772-2017
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TOP-5 publications:

  1. Vasyliev, M. O., Mordyuk, B. M., Sidorenko, S. I., Voloshko, S. M., … Burmak, A. P. (2016). Synthesis of Deformation-Induced Nanocomposites on Aluminium D16 Alloy Surface by Ultrasonic Impact Treatment. Metallofizika i noveishie tekhnologii, 38 (4), 545–563. doi:
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  4. Kindrachuk, M., Shevchenko, A., Kryzhanovskyi, A. (2016). Improvement of the quality of tic-co system plasma coating by laser treatment. Aviation, 20 (4), 155–159. doi:
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NEW-5 publications:

  1. Kindrachuk, M., Volchenko, A., Volchenko, D., ...Tisov, O., Kornienko, A. (2019). Polymeres with enhanced energy capacity modified by semiconductor materials. Functional Materials, 26 (3), 629–634. doi:
  2. Marchuk, V. Y., Kindrachuk, M. V., Mirnenko, V. I., Mnatsakanov, R. G., … Kornіenko, A. O. (2019). Physical Interpretations of Internal Magnetic Field Influence on Processes in Tribocontact of Textured Dimple Surfaces. Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics, 11 (5), 05013–1–05013–5. doi:
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