Maria Paska

Lviv State University of Physical Culture named after I. Bobersky, Ukraine
Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Department of Hotel and Restaurant Business

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Researcher ID: I-6043-2017
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TOP-5 publications:

  1. Paska, M., Simonova, I., Galuch, B., Basarab, I., Masliichuk, O. (2017). A study of toxic elements and radionuclides in semi-smoked sausages made with lentils, thyme, and juniper. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 4 (11 (88)), 50–55. doi:
  2. Paska, M., Zhuk, O. (2015). Using innovative equipment FrymaKoruma MaxxD in the production of mayonnaise. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 2 (10 (74)), 58–64. doi:
  3. Paska, M., Gutyj, B., Levkivska, N., Pelenyo, R., Nazaruk, N., Guta, Z. (2016). Study Of Acute And Chronic Toxicity Of ‘injectable Mevesel’ Investigational Drug. Ukrainian Journal of Ecology 6 (2), 174–180. Available at:
  4. Paska, M., Markovych, I., Simonov, R. (2013). Lentil flour as protein supplement in the production of smoked sausages. 6th International Scientific Conference, 68–72.
  5. Markovych, I., Paska, M., Basarab, I. (2016). Elaboration of production technology of semi-smoked sausages using lentil flour, thyme and juniper. EUREKA: Life Sciences, 4, 3–8. doi:

NEW-5 publications:

  1. Paska, M., Bal-Prylypko, L., Masliichuk, O., Lychuk, M. (2019). Microstructural analysis of forcemeats of ready-to-cook chopped meat with functional ingredients. Food Science and Technology, 12 (4), 110–116. doi:
  2. Paska, М., Masliichuk, O. (2019). Express method of hygienic quality control of the improved technological process of preparation of meat chopped semi-finished prodects with plant raw materials. Scientific Works of National University of Food Technologies, 25 (5), 181–186. doi:
  3. Paska, M. Z., Masliichuk, O. B. (2020). Functional-technological indicators of lupino flour and divasil in the context of the meat semi-food production. Scientific Notes of Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University. Series: Technical Sciences, 2 (2), 136–142. doi:
  4. Paska, M., Korkuna, O., Kyluk, O. (2020). Perspective development of authentic products for restaurant business in gastronomic tourism. Tourism of the XXI century: Clobal challenges and civilization values: ІІ International scientific and practical conference (Kyiv, June 01, 2020). Kyiv, 267–271. doi:
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