Ling Zhou

Jiangsu University, China
Doctor of Engineering, Associate Professor
National Research Center of Pumps

Scopus ID: 55710690500
Researcher ID: C-5721-2014
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Selected Publications:

  1. Zhou, L., Shi, W., Lu, W., Hu, B., Wu, S. (2012). Numerical Investigations and Performance Experiments of a Deep-Well Centrifugal Pump With Different Diffusers. Journal of Fluids Engineering, 134 (7), doi:10.1115/1.4006676
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  3. Shi, W., Zhou, L., Lu, W., Pei, B., Lang, T. (2013). Numerical prediction and performance experiment in a deep-well centrifugal pump with different impeller outlet width. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 26 (1), 46–52. doi:3901/cjme.2013.01.046
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