Mostapha Tarfaoui

Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées Bretagne, France

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TOP-5 publications:

  1. Gning, P. B., Tarfaoui, M., Collombet, F., Riou, L., & Davies, P. (2005). Damage development in thick composite tubes under impact loading and influence on implosion pressure: experimental observations. Composites Part B: Engineering, 36(4), 306–318. doi:
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NEW-5 publications:

  1. Qureshi, Y., Tarfaoui, M., & Lafdi, K. (2021). Electro-thermal–mechanical performance of a sensor based on PAN carbon fibers and real-time detection of change under thermal and mechanical stimuli. Materials Science and Engineering: B, 263, 114806. doi:
  2. Rouway, M., Nachtane, M., Tarfaoui, M., Chakhchaoui, N., Omari, L., Fraija, F., & Cherkaoui, O. (2020). Prediction of Mechanical Performance of Natural Fibers Polypropylene Composites: a Comparison Study. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 948, 012031. doi:
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  4. Chihi, M., Tarfaoui, M., Qureshi, Y., Benyahia, H., & Bouraoui, C. (2020). Graphene nanofillers as a player to improve the dynamic compressive response and failure behavior of carbon/epoxy composite. Nanotechnology, 31(42), 425709. doi:
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