When submitting a manuscript to the editor, please send a letter to the as follows:

Dear Editors! 

Please find enclosed for your review an original research article, “____________” by ________________________ All authors have read and approved this version of the article. No part of this paper was published or submitted elsewhere. No conflict of interest exits in the submission of this manuscript. We appreciate your consideration of our manuscript for possible publication in journal "Technology Audit and Production Reserves", and we look forward to receiving comments from the reviewers

On behalf of all authors of this manuscript,

How and why to register in Web of Science


The scientist profile in Web of Science is multitasking and is used in several resources: Web of Science, Publons, EndNote. At Web of Science, a scientometric database where you can work with research. Publons is a social network for scientists, which combines your scientometric indicators for Web of Science, your experience as an editor and reviewer in international publications, as well as communication with colleagues, a review school, and much more. EndNote is a manager of references to used literature, which allows to create your own collections, format them in one click to the desired standard and use them when writing articles.

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Can't make high quality figures? We will show how to do it


Figures are an important component of the article, illustrate the study and make the material more visual and understandable. No wonder they say "it is better to see once than hear a hundred times". Many publishers publish figures on the article page as separate files. Therefore, the quality of the figures should be very high.

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Open Access publications: pros and cons


Citations, from which various ratings and scientific indicators are composed, are a valuable currency of the modern scientist. With even excellent publications, but not cited, a scientist is doomed to be at the tail end of any ranking. That in turn entails missing an opportunity to earn a high salary, academic position, to participate in competitions and grants.

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Why do you need to edit an author's profile in the Scopus database and how can one do it?


An author's profile in the Scopus database should be as correct and complete as possible due to the following:

  • it is a source of information about a scientist's scientific performance in the Scopus database;
  • it is a source of information about a scientist and his/her research for other scientists, academic journals, foundations, and other funding resources;
  • it is used to compile different rankings of scientists;
  • it is the basis for ranking the institution where a scientist works; the overall rating of the institution is composed of the employees' scores.
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Check up your knowledge in the field of paper writing. Part 2. Information about authors

It seems that a scientist just cannot make a mistake in the section «Information about authors», what can be easier and simpler, no one usually think about this section at all. But being a publishing house that publishes a journal, indexed in the database Scopus, we just know that many scientists make mistakes in «Information about authors», and it makes a scientist him/herself and a publisher suffering.  
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Series of teaching videos “Promote your paper”. How to register at Zenodo and to add your study

The specificity of modern science doesn’t allow a scientist only to cope with studies and to publish papers in scientific journals. A scientist must constantly work for branding his/her papers, to demonstrate them to the world, to gain own audience of readers and like-minded persons, to get views and citations. Obviously, a publishing house helps its authors in this problem, but nobody can promote a study better than its author.  
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Check up your knowledge in writing papers. Feel yourself a reviewer

We present our authors’ and readers’ attention a series of tests, devoted to problems of high-quality writing and design of papers according to international standards.  
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Scopus to ORCID. Connect your two profiles in 5 minutes

It is almost impossible today to imagine a modern scientist without an ORCID ID. The proper use of it, as well as its connection to profiles at other resources, not only builds up a positive image of the scientist, but increases the readability and, therefore, the citation of papers.  
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Become part of the social network of scientists and obtain the tools for your scientific work

The Elsevier-affiliated resource Mendeley, known to many scientists by its management of bibliographic references, has recently extended its functionality.  
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How well do you focus on scientometrics?

In May 2019, our publishing house «Technological Center» PE held the traditional “Big annual seminar: from beginner to expert” (May 16-17, 2019, Kyiv), traditionally, most of the seminar was devoted to scientometrics. In the framework of this event, we proposed a small test of seven questions entitled “How well do you focus on the modern issues of scientific publication?”, with the help of which scientists from different fields of science were invited to evaluate their knowledge. Testing passed 900 scientists of Ukraine and these are the results we obtained  
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How to find out the impact factor of the journal without a subscription to «Journal Citation Reports»

Previously, all scientists who wanted to check the indexing of the journal in the Web of Science database, but did not have a subscription to this resource, could freely use Master Journal List   
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Don't fall prey to scams! "Stolen" or "fake" journals


In today's scientific society, it is generally accepted that publications in journals that are indexed by the science databases of Scopus and Web of Science are valued above all else. The market of scientific journals is very large at present, so depending on the policy of a publishing house, a scientist needs to take into account a large number of criteria when choosing a journal to publish an article:

  • review terms
  • publication terms;
  • indexing of the journal
  • the journal's scientific indicators;
  • the journal's open access policy;
  • price of publication;

it is difficult for a scientist to make the right decision while it is easy to get confused in such a huge variety.

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Are you confident in your knowledge of English for writing scientific papers?

It has long been known that the language of science is English. Prestigious international publishers in their recommendations or questionnaires for their reviewers point out the reason for refusing to publish an article ‒ poor quality of the English language...  
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Technology audit and production reserves, 4 (48) 2019


Volume 4 (48) 2019 of the journal "Technology audit and production reserves" have published.

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Introduced a new type of publication!

In the journal "Technology audit and production reserves" introduced a new type of publication. Now authors can submit reports on research projects.  
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The digital catalogs of libraries all over the world

Journal "Technology audit and production reserves" is included in the digital catalogs of libraries all over the world (link)  
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International and scientometric database

International indexing of journal "Technology Audit and Production Reserves"DOAJ, Index Copernicus, WorldCat, РИНЦ, EBSCO and more link  
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