Development of synthetic electrical insulating paper

Тетяна Іванівна Демишок, Людмила Петрівна Антоненко


The analysis of modern high requirements to paper features that used for electric insulation, among which it is highlighted a number of key features such as heat resistance, dielectric strength, water absorption, tangent of the angle of dielectric losses is presented in the article. Some results of our research in this area are given. The research is conducted by manufacturing of laboratory samples of 100 % synthetic paper using a composition of polyester fibers as main and two binding options. It is developed a composition of paper that have a high thermal stability and gives an electric insulation synthetic paper with low water absorbency, low dielectric loss tangent. The synthetic paper made using a matrix of polypropylene fiber has low dielectric loss index value, which will use this paper for insulation in high voltage cables. Using of such paper will reduce losses during electricity transmission.


synthetic electrical-insulating paper; breaking force; electric strength; tangent of the angle of dielectric losses


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