Research of magnetic field in the working area of electric motor with permanent magnets

Александр Степанович Крячок, Андрей Николаевич Красноголовец


Available software packages for magnetic field parameters modeling in working area of electric motors have a number of restrictions. For instance, the choice of design conditions and their values is restricted. As a rule, mathematical model for calculation of magnetic field components is not affordable.

The computational algorithm based on well-known analytical methods of solving the direct problem of magneto statics with the usage of “secondary sources” method was proposed in this article.

The article contains developed mathematical model for designing conditions of magnetic field parameters in the working area of electric motor with pole pieces. On the basis of the mathematical model a new computational algorithm was proposed and specialized software was launched.

A number of experiments on magnetic field modeling in working area of engine was carried out. The obtained data allowed to increase the calculations accuracy of the magnetic system of electric motors.


mathematical model; algorithm; electric motor; calculation of the magnetic field


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