Vol 1, No 1(33) (2017)

Industrial and Technology Systems

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Mechanical Engineering Technology

Unification of filling station equipment intented for filling of spacecraft, upper stages and low-thrust propulsion systems of space launch systems PDF (Русский)
Геннадий Леонидович Поздеев, Виктор Петрович Фролов 4-9
Models and methods for analysis of temperature and thermomechanical fields in the bodies of complex shape in specialized intelligent system PDF (Русский)
Екатерина Марковна Грицюк 9-15
Investigation of natural oscillations of inhomogeneous orthotropic circular plate lying on an inhomogeneous viscoelastic foundation PDF PDF (Русский)
Vaqif Haciyev, Aziz Shiriyev 16-19
Development of the combined hardening technology of obtaining solid coating on the surface of steel products PDF
Idan Fadhil І Alaa 20-23

Metallurgical Technology

Strength analysis of lamellar graphite cast iron in the «carbon (C) – carbon equivalent (Ceq)» factor space in the range of C = (3,425-3,563) % and Ceq = (4,214-4,372) % PDF PDF (Русский)
Dmitriy Demin 24-32
Development of a new iron-based shape memory alloy PDF
Ahmed Mohammed Sundus 33-36

Electrical engineering and industrial electronics

Development of a device providing resource-saving start-up of induction motors under reduced voltage PDF (Українська)
Олександр Юрійович Вовк, Сергій Олексійович Квітка, Діна Миколаївна Нестерчук, Олександр Андрійович Стребков, Олександр Вікторович Ковальов 37-44
Study of surge arrester model under influence of various current pulses PDF
Yevgeniy Trotsenko, Volodymyr Brzhezitsky, Igor Masluchenko 44-48

Technology and System of Power Supply

Analysis of efficiency and reliability of blast–furnace process waste heat recovery systems PDF
Anton Ganzha, Olena Zaiets, Aleksndr Koshelnik 49-54