Vol 5, No 4(37) (2017)

Economics of enterprises

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Economics and management of enterprise

The development of the method of ratings formation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff publication activity PDF
Oleh Kuzmin, Liliya Zhuk 4-9
Formation of blocks of categorial apparatus of construction industry PDF
Olga Zalunina 9-13
Investigation of relationship marketing in the franchising activity of trade companies PDF
Yanina Lisun 13-19
Material flow management of industrial enterprise on lean principles PDF
Iryna Kolos 19-23

Economic cybernetics

Development of the method for formation of the systemally based level of resources of logistics operations PDF
Igor Lutsenko, Elena Fomovskaya 24-34
Development of marketing strategies in system-reflexive marketing PDF
Andrii Dligach 34-40
Development of method for optimal inventory control under continuouse supply of product and random demand PDF
Mykhaylo Postan 41-45
Development of binomial pricing model of shares and bonds for a life insurance company PDF
Victoria Dyba, Volodymir Kapustian 45-51
Financial equilibrium as basis for enterprise’s sustainable development: economic and mathematical foundation PDF
Tetiana Gudz 51-56
Development of the temporal knowledge representation model for computer support of consumer goodd production processes at multi-nomenclature machine-building enterprise PDF
Olena Demyanenko, Vladyslav Demyanenko 57-63