Vol 6, No 4(38) (2017)

Economics of enterprises

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Economics and management of enterprise

Essence and basic stages of the construction company strategic management PDF
Viktoriia Bozhanova, Oleksandra Kononova, Kostiantyn Bondarenko 4-7
Investigation of strategic perspectives of development of river ports in Ukraine PDF
Yevhen Krykavskyi, Olena Shandrivska, Maciej Wysocki 8-16
Justification of methodological approaches to assessing the technology transfer readiness PDF
Vasyl Kozyk, Oleksandra Mrykhina, Tamara Mirkunova 17-24
Research of the sources of macroeconomic threats of financial security of joint stock companies PDF
Olena Stashchuk 24-29
Investigation of risk in the activities of higher education institutions in the context of securing their economic safety PDF
Alla Kasych, Svitlana Breus, Yevheniia Khaustova 30-34
Research of factors that influence the trademark policy of an enterprise PDF
Olga Solodova, Olena Golubyonkova 34-39
Investigation of the mechanism of interrelation between accounting and budgeting in the enterprise management system: the strategic aspect PDF
Lyba Shevtsiv 39-47
Classification of accounting outsourcing: compliance with modern development trends PDF
Halyna Liakhovych 47-52
Investigation of socially responsible behavior of trade enterprises on a competent-based approach PDF
Iryna Mykolaychuk, Yulia Sylkina, Nina Sychova 52-57

Economic cybernetics

Information security breaches and precautions on Industry 4.0 PDF
Adil Kondiloglu, Harun Bayer, Enes Celik, Muhammet Atalay 58-63
Analysis of practical applying of project selection method based on the possibility theory PDF
Sergey Rudenko, Vera Andrievska 64-68