Vol 1, No 1(45) (2019)

Industrial and technology systems

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Mechanical Engineering Technology

Investigation of the influence of vibration oscillations in the processes of strengthening processing of machine parts PDF PDF (Русский)
Anatolii Dudnikov, Vladimir Dudnik, Oleksander Kanivets, Oleksandra Bilovod, Oleksii Burlaka 4-9


Estimation of the drill pipes residual resource under the multiaxial stress state PDF PDF (Русский)
Bogdan Kopey, Volodymyr Artym, Iryna Rachkevych, Ruslan Rachkevych 10-14
Laboratory research of the stress-strain state of the drill string in the local bend of the well PDF PDF (Українська)
Ruslan Rachkevych, Vasyl Ivasiv, Vasyl Bui, Lidiіa Yurych, Iryna Rachkevych 15-24

Materials Science

Continual description of polycrystalline systems taking into account their structure PDF PDF (Українська)
Oleg Kuzin, Bohdan Lukiyanets, Nikolay Kuzin 25-30
Investigation of electrophysical properties of nanomodified fireproof EVA polymer compositions PDF PDF (Українська)
Olena Chulieieva 31-38

Electrical engineering and industrial electronics

The development of the mathematical model of a nonlinear electrical circuit with an independent controllable electromechanical energy converter PDF PDF (Українська)
Mykola Ostroverkhov, Danylo Trinchuk 39-43

Technology and System of Power Supply

Numerical investigation of the problem of nonlinear three-phase filtration PDF PDF (Русский)
Sardar Qasimov, Rashad Mammadov, Sevinj Karimova 44-49
Diagnostics of the pre-fault situation of the bolted current-carrying joint in the conditions of changing regime parameters PDF PDF (Русский)
Valerii Kryvonosov 50-57