Reflection of the history of consolidated Earth’s crust formaion of the Amur area gold-bearing province in its petrochemical composition (based on the data of seismic profiles Tynda—Amurset and Abakan—Tynda—Tatar channel)


  • R. P. Gottikh Federal State Institution "All-Russian Scientific Research Geological Oil Institute", Russian Federation
  • B. I. Pisotskiy Institute of Oil and Gas Problems, RAS, Russian Federation
  • A. I. Chernenkova Federal State Institution "All-Russian Scientific Research Geological Oil Institute", Russian Federation
  • S. S. Malinina Federal State Institution "All-Russian Scientific Research Geological Oil Institute", Russian Federation
  • I. A. Biserkin Federal State Institution "All-Russian Scientific Research Geological Oil Institute", Russian Federation



geotravers, petrochemistry, seismic velocities, terrains


Petrochemical sections along the stretches of geophysical profiles have been plotted based on the data of velocities of seismic waves propagation in consolidated crust, distribution of the main petrochemical types of rocks along the depths, the correlation between calculated content of silicon, calcium and iron oxides in the allocated domains and general concepts on regularities of the Earth’s crust formation.

Complex analysis of materials allows subdivision of four metamorphic complexes of rocks in the section of consolidated crust: three plutonic acidic ones, three plutonic hypabyssal ones of average composition, two volcanic-plutonic of basic composition and one complex volcanic-plutonic of ultrabasic composition with different degree of alkalinity. Petrochemical blocks subdivided reflect rock associations of different age but closely similar by chemical composition. Complex hybrid rock associations on the level of medium crust are characterized by special petrochemical diversity. Comparison of composition and time of formation of that or other exposed rocks and analysis of the history of the region development demonstrated their sufficient accordance and admissible reflection in petrochemical sections. According to definite concepts on formation of gold mineralization the areas were subdivided which reflect the processes of ore formation in subsurface products and probable zones of location of the native sources of metals.


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