Review of the data on strain fields of Mesozoides of Northeast of Asia obtained by kinematic method


  • V.V. Gonchar Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine



Verkhoyan-Kolymian Mesezoides system, strain fields, kinematic method of reconstruction, mechanisms of structures formation


Reconstruction has been made, the data have been summarized and analyzed, which characterize the strain fields of different areas of Mesozoides of Northeast of Asia (Verkhoyano-Kolymian folded area). Strain fields of the North Kharaulakh and Arga-Tas ridge have been investigated based on area kinematic mapping; for internal areas (Middle Verkhoyania and Cherskogo zone) direct and indirect published data on fault kinamatics have been attracted. Discrimination of strain fields responsible for production of basic folded structure as well as pre- and post-folding fields has been carried out. Orientations obtained for axes of the main stresses describe multistage spatially heterogeneous conditions of Mesozoides deformation under conditions of pressure, plastic and fragile tension and, to less extent, displacement. Pre-folding stretching has been found in the Verkhoyan series of the North Kharaulakh; conditions of post-folding fragile tension are widely distributed in different domains of the Cherskogo zone. Deformational conditions being reconstructed for North Kharaulakh and Arga-Tas ridge coincide with contemporary field of strains detected by seismological data.


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