Occurrence of metal iron inside the planets


  • D. M. Pecherskyi Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation




thermomagnetic analysis, microprobe analysis, extraterrestrial metal iron, nickel


Comparison of thermomagnetic and microprobe data on metal iron in terrestrial rocks (xenolithes, Siberian trap and oceanic basalt) has been conducted with the data on extraterrestrial metal iron (in sediments, lunar basalt and meteorites). It has been revealed that the particles of metal iron are present in all rocks and they are similar by their composition, shape and size. Iron concentration in the crust and upper mantle of the planets is less than 0,0n %, in the lower part of the mantle from 0.n%, to 9 %, in the core ~ 90 %. 75—85 % iron particles from the crust and upper mantle do not contain Ni admixture, and in the lower mantle and the cores of planets only 8 % of iron particles do not have any Ni. Such a similarity testifies the likeness of terrestrial conditions of appearance and composition of iron with those ones on the planets-sources of meteorites and interplanetary dust, which entered into terrestrial sediments. The whole pattern is produced by homogeneity of gas-dust clouds in the early stage of formation of stellar-planetary systems and the posterior gravity differentiation of planets.


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