Oil reservoirs of the crystalline basement of the White Tiger field


  • H. B. Nguen OOO "Joint company "RUSVETPETRO", Russian Federation
  • V.I. Isaev Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russian Federation




The White Tiger field, oil reservoirs of the basement, tectonics, petrotypes, cavitation, logging, specific yield


Analysis of tectonics and rock petrotypes of The White Tiger oil field (the Southern Vietnamese shelf), and logs data of 165 wells revealed tectonic and petrological factors of formation and intensity of the secondary cavitation in the basement reservoirs. Studying of the pore space of rock reservoirs by the wells logging method is primarily based on acoustic and electric characteristics of the matrix porosity, fractures and caverns. The consistent pattern of variability (reduction) of porosity with depth was revealed. This pattern occurs in all selected geological blocks. The major factor causing the formation of the secondary cavitation in basement rocks is the tectonic factor, which reduces its influence with depth. The tectonic factor has the greatest influence on rocks of the Central and Northern blocks. An important factor causing the pattern of the porosity allocation is the allocation of rock petrotypes related with the direction and intensity of the secondary cavitation of rock reservoirs. Significant specific yield dependencies on the secondary cavitation determined by logs data were found for rock reservoirs of the basement in the Central and Northern blocks.


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